Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

One of the best debut albums of all time?

This album needs absolutely no introduction.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades (including missing Ozzy Osbourne’s reality TV show) you would have heard of Black Sabbath.

It is said that Sabbath introduced the early pioneers of heavy metal, and if that’s true than this is their foundation.

The Release

The album starts slowly with rain and the crackling of thunder before Ozzy’s voice ebbs into the intro to their self-titled first track.

Although the album is heavy, there’s plenty of subtle quiet passages, which makes this album a work of art.



The Australian first pressing of Black Sabbath is on the Fontana label with yellow labels and a gatefold cover.  It is followed by a blue label release in bot gatefold and non-gatefold sleeves.

With my copy, the front of the cover is laminated but the back is not.  There’s a box with information on the rear lower half, listing Ozzy Osbourne as ‘Ozzie Osbourne’.

This album really is quite sensitive to scratches for the introduction on Side 1, and through some of the quieter passages.

However, probably partly owing to the audience, it’s rare to come across a first pressing (or indeed any release from the 1970s) that is close to near mint, so be on the lookout if you can find one!


5 Replies to “Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath”

    1. Is it a US or UK release or Australian? I just found out there’s a yellow label Oz 1st on Fontana (according to Discogs).
      Price would depend on condition of the sleeve & disc and also where you are located.

      1. If anyone has a copy of the first Black Sabbath album the one W/ the Fontana yellow label . Let me know if you want to sell . I have heaps of other Black Sabbath LPs I could swap or give you cash for it.

    2. Even if it was in fairly rough condition I would pay you $100 for it. If it was VG+/.NM I would give you up to $250.
      Only if you want to sell of course

    3. The last copy that sold on discogs was $199 . Another sold last year for $140. You rarely see it for sale which obviously adds value. If you ever want to part with it can you please contact me . I would pay up to $300 for it. My email is

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