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Powderfinger – Vulture Street

World Class Powderfinger hail from sunny Brisbane in Queensland, which explains the title of their fifth album is named for a main road south of the city in their hometown. I covered their first big album (second studio album) previously when it was released for the first time on vinyl last year. The Release This […]

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The Doors – L.A Woman

Sounds of the 70s If you were a child of the 1980s like I was, and you happened to watch every episode of  “The Wonder Years”, then I imagine you’ve heard plenty of music by The Doors. Even if you didn’t share my upbringing, there’s a lot to recommend American poet Jim Morrison and his […]

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Tamam Shud – Evolution

Newcastle Heroes Tamam Shud is an Australian psychedelic, progressive and surf rock band, which formed in Newcastle in 1964. The initial line-up were known as Four Strangers with Eric Connell on bass guitar, Dannie Davidson on drums, Gary Johns on rhythm guitar and Alex “Zac” Zytnik on lead guitar. At the end of that year […]

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Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

One of the best debut albums of all time? This album needs absolutely no introduction.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades (including missing Ozzy Osbourne’s reality TV show) you would have heard of Black Sabbath. It is said that Sabbath introduced the early pioneers of heavy metal, and if […]

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INXS – Kick

A Huge  Hit Album In the 1980s, INXS hit the big time.  An Australian band had hit the international music scene like few had previously.  They seemed to go from hit to hit and strength to strength, leaving behind the Land Down Under for Europe and the US. The high point is arguably 1987’s “Kick”, […]

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A “Grail Find”

Last month, I casually browsed an Australian site called Gumtree.  It’s a classifieds site which allows people to place free ads online, and I tend to check for listings relating to vinyl records on an ad-hoc basis. I was just relaxing, browsing on my phone, when I came across a new listing which featured five […]

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