Buying Records

Do we buy records?

We sure are interested, there’s no harm in reaching out. 

What we’re interested in

Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, R & B/Soul, Funk, Metal/Heavy Metal, Punk, Alternative – all decades

What we’re not interested in

(apologies, it’s just not our bag):  Classical, country, world music, folk music

How we buy

To avoid setting any unintended expectations and to allow us to deal in good faith, there’s two main ways we address buying records:

1. We buy from you in bulk as a job lot

This isn’t a bad way to go if you have a bunch of records and don’t want to personally invest the time and energy into looking up the value of each record.
Record pricing is tricky and varies greatly depending on the condition of the records & sleeves, the pressing itself and country of release.
You won’t get super high prices, but we’d generally offer a reasonable price per LP on the basis that the records could be in any condition, and might not be in demand.

Because of the high costs involved in postage and the uncertainties involved, we’ll only consider buying in bulk locally (within Eurobodalla, Bega or Shoalhaven shires) in person at this stage.

2. We buy individual albums

If you’ve compiled a list of LPs (or details of a few records you’d like to get an offer on) please send it to us. 
This may get you a better price per record, but you won’t likely sell as many records this way.

We’d like to know:

– Artist
– Album Title
– Country (if known)
– Year (if known)
– Catalogue Number
– Mono or Stereo (or Quadraphonic)
– Condition (disc/sleeve)

You can reach us via the Facebook page or by email.