Joy Division – Closer


Closer is close enough a masterpiece.  Released not long after lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide, this was Joy Division’s second and last album before the remaining members reformed as New Order.


The Album

This is an LP which I will listen to from start to end.  There’s variation throughout which swings the tracks from guitar laden to synth-driven which hints at the band’s future work as New Order.

This album is a stunning example of British rock in the early post-punk era. 

The Release

Meanwhile in Australia…

Local distribution ended up distributing an incomplete release (“pre-final”) and there are a number of gaffs present.  The labels (shiny and silver) contain some errors:

[From Discogs] “Specific label changes were the removal of “Sound recording by Factory Records. First publ. ℗ 1980 in U.K.℗ 1980 Factory Records” found above the boxed section only on this release AND removal of the the (duplicated) “FACOZ-1001 A” and “FACOZ-1001 B” found inside the boxed section only on this release.”

Additionally, the sleeve held an alternative folded sheet:



Like most 1980s releases, the vinyl isn’t particularly thick, and the microgrooves not as deep as back in the 1960s, but a nice near mint copy such as this plays flawlessly.


The labels, whilst quite Spartan, shine beautifully in silver-and-black.


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